The Incredible Nutshell

On Chesterfield road, in Sheffield, you will find a vegan and free-from paradise. What is it called? The Incredible Nutshell.

If you pop in to The Incredible Nutshell you will be faced with some of life’s hardest dilemmas. Can I really spend this much on Cheese? Do I really NEED all of these different kinds of tempeh? How many recipes can I make now that I know vegan prawns exist? I can’t give you the answers to these questions but I can give you my honest opinion and no-holds-barred notions on this dairy and gluten free specialist shop.

On first appearances, it is a little small to navigate around, but if you’re an experienced shopper with stronger will power than me, you will be able to get what you need and ninja your way around pretty easily. If you are like me and turn in to a kid-in-a-candy-shop and start standing in people’s way staring at things you’ve never heard of and filling your basket with what I can only describe as a vegan-junkies haul of treasure, you will get in to a hot panic quite quickly.

There is a range of plant-based milks and non-dairy products, gluten free goodies including baking and cooking essentials, a freezer full of meat alternatives -including those mythical prawns! And right at the back of the shop, is the chilled section. A fridge full of vegan cheese and meat alternatives. Think that by switching to a vegan lifestyle you’re missing out on life’s finer foods? Think again! Mozerella, Gouda, Feta and even Parmesan are just some of the non-dairy cheeses you can buy from The Incredible Nutshell, amazing right? You can buy a range of vegan Salami, Chorizo, Gyros kebab ‘meat’, bacon and turkey and tons of other substitutes. You can even buy on-the-go snacks and drinks including mushroom and sage rolls (yum!) and sparkling rhubarb in a can (personal fave.) Supporting other local businesses, they even stock tea from The Birdhouse Tea Bar and Kitchen.

In my opinion, The Incredible Nutshell are changing the game. Its 2018, and now, more than ever, there is a demand for dietary requirements that these guys are meeting, and I couldn’t be happier. Since 2015 this all-vegan grocery store has been available to the people of Sheffield, and they are still the only ones in the Steel City to be able to boast that title! Located in Sheffield’s self-proclaimed ‘Vegan Quarter’, The Incredible Nutshell, along with café and restaurants, Make No Bones and  The Burger Garden, are changing people’s perception on plant-based foods. Go check them out here to read more about them, or even take advantage of their online shop and delivery service!