Studio Chocolate

Come with me, and you’ll be…In a world of pure imagination. Take a look, and you’ll see.. into your imagination ♫

Okay, all Willy Wonka references aside, this place is exactly what 10-year-old-you had in mind when you thought of the crazy chocolate creations conjured up in the chocolate factory we grew up dreaming about.

I went down to my beloved hometown, Nottingham, to go and check out Ellie Wharrad’s, Studio Chocolate. I have been following Studio Chocolate on Instagram for quite some time now, and I am guilty of staring at my phone when I see a new post go up and thinking OMG, WOW, I NEED TO TRY THESE.  And then carry on scrolling and forget. Now, I feel like I can be forgiven, as Nottingham is not my local town these days, which is why, this time, when I came to visit, I went straight to her door.

When I say I went straight to her door, I followed the exact instructions google maps gave me, and may have ended up at the wrong door. Or was this wrong door, not a door, but a window of opportunity? Okay, I confused myself a little with that one. Basically, I ended up, not at Studio Chocolate’s shop, but at their chocolate studio, where they hold private chocolate classes and create the wonderful delicate sweet items I have been longing for, for so long. I somehow went through a door on Thurland Street, that’s not open to the public, and even though I was stood in a dark corridor, my idiot self said “well google maps says it is here so you just carry on Claud” and that’s when I ended up having a behind-the-scenes tour of Studio Chocolate.

It didn’t occur to me I was in the wrong place until I was met with confused, but friendly, “are you okay?” expressions, and that’s when I met Ellie herself, who very kindly offered me the opportunity to peak in to a chocolate class that was currently underway. If you fancy expanding your skill set, love chocolate or are just looking for something fun to do as a group, I would highly recommend you go check out the classes that Studio Chocolate offer. I am already planning a trip to do just that!

After explaining to me that this was where the magic happens and was in fact their kitchen, Ellie pointed me in the right direction of her shop. Located in Cobden Chambers, just off Pelham Street, Studio Chocolate sits proudly in this bright Courtyard of Nottingham City Centre. We took a look inside and nothing could prepare me for how visually impressive these chocolates were. With a wall of flavours to choose from, these intergalactic-looking goodies were all I thought they would be, and more.

On display were the most amazing looking Easter-eggs I have ever seen, bright colours and yummy flavours, these seasonal treats were up for grabs and all were filled with hand-made sweet surprises. A Chocolate-bar sat proudly at the front of the shop serving up any and all hot drinks you could ever want – including white hot chocolates! Overall, I was very impressed with Studio Chocolate’s décor, fresh and modern, with a stripped-back feel, allowing their artwork to take centre stage! The only colour the shop needed was from their fantastic products – and that fab neon sign.

Obviously, I had to get myself some chocolates while I was there, I went with the popular choice: The Artist Collection, and for a while, I couldn’t bring myself to eat them, they are far too beautiful. But, not only do these chocolates look like they belong in a museum – they taste incredible. Offering a variety of flavours, you can customise your box to suit your taste, they even offer vegan options, so there really is, something for everyone!

I hope if you are in the Nottingham area, you go and check out Studio Chocolate, the products on offer are amazing gifts and even treats for yourself (yeah, go on, you earned it!) and really something very unique and spectacular that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ellie Wharrad, you have done what all of us ever dreamed to do, and not only made your own “chocolate factory” (minus the Umpa-Lumpa’s… but cool staff costume idea, just saying) but created your business doing what you love. I hope you inspire more, young entrepreneurs to follow in your footsteps, and follow their dreams, because you are living proof, that life could always be sweeter!