My. New. Home.

Since living in Sheffield, I have gotten to know a whole different culture – which is odd considering it’s only a half an hour drive from where I used to live! The people, the food, the language?! I used to have to ask Theo to repeat himself 3 or 4 times until I fully understood what he was saying, the Yorkshire accent is very different to what I am familiar with. I enjoy living here and getting to know a whole new place is always fun- don’t get me wrong, my car is not enjoying how many hills there are in Sheffield (steep, steep hills) but luckily for me, my driving has only improved since living here – I think.

Just like Nottingham, Sheffield is bursting at the seems with independent restaurants and café’s and I am slowly but surely trying to work my way through them- for research purposes of course. I am looking forward to eating my way through this Northern City!