Paris 2018

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I recently took a trip out to the City of Light, Paris.

eiffel tower

It was an amazing culinary experience, where I got to stay in a beautiful city and get up to some pretty cool activities. Not only did I get to dine at Michelin starred restaurants, but I got to learn how to cook with the best chefs in Paris.  To mark their 10-year anniversary, Cook’n with Class held a competition to win a trip to Paris and learn at their incredible school. Not only that but have a complete hair makeover, eat at fancy pants places and see the sights with the cities best guide! And guess who won? Like I need to tell you that…Go check out what I had to say about my week of adventure on the Cook’n with Class website, and maybe book a few classes yourself while you’re there!

michelin mackerel meal

ALSO, If anybody else fancies giving me a free holiday with a bunch of fun stuff thrown in… feel free to slide in my DM’s. No, really, I am completely fine with that.

me cooking with sarah

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming video capturing what we got up to whilst we were there! To read my full article, go to Cook’n with class to check out the published write up by yours truly!