Sheffield- Mr Miyagi’s Revolving Sushi Bar

Alright Northerners (or Alreight Northerners) you have some pretty decent independent restaurants at your door step and its envy inducing.

I went to check out Mr Miyagi’s revolving sushi bar – just for the name alone- and was SO impressed. Okay so the décor is a little dated… there may be a floor to ceiling Karate Kid poster on one of the walls and the staff might yell orders at eachother even when the restaurant is empty… but it’s all part of the charm.

Side note: Sheffield might be one of the only towns I know that have not one but TWO independent sushi restaurants that have a conveyor belt. Maybe this is more common than I know, but thus far I have only experienced this at Yo! Sushi, so to find that Mr Miyagi’s revolving sushi bar (need to think of a cool nickname for this or abbreviate) AND Sakushi Sushi do it, is a mind bender.

So anyway, we get there at bang on 12 and are the only people in the place, we get given this hefty plastic menu book – usually a massive off-put for me-  and set to work on going through the inevitable ‘must haves’ and shortlisting procedure.  Clearly because we went in there already hungry, whilst we were deciding what we should eat we were just pulling food off the belt because we have no control and it all looked delish.

Typically, like most restaurants of this type, when you order a lot of food, it just comes out as and when its ready, rather than all at once. This is great because you can kind of stagger what you eat and graze throughout your meal. However this is also bad, because if like me, you order A LOT of food and forget what you order, you just have to sit there with increasing shame as more and more dishes appear and you’re all like.. oh my god really? Why am I like this?

So, we ordered the spicy tuna, which I’m just going to effing rave about because those rolls were FRESH. Loved the flavour from the shiso pepper coating, and they had just the right amount of kick. The soft shell crab was not only super tasty but was presented so delicately it was almost a shame to tuck in to. My absolute fave were the tofu and vegetable fried noodles, because, wow, what a serving. That plate could have fed 12, but we managed between two of us.

It would be wrong for us to go out for sushi and not order an ebi roll (or two) so this day was no different and MMRSB (acronym, yes, no?) did not disappoint. Also, in our sushi hall of fame has to be the westernised classic of salmon and avocado… c’est magnifique. But what I really need to shout about is the Szechuan aubergine. W O W. I never used to be an aubergine fan, always found it a bit mushy and made me gip a bit but since pushing the boat out and trying it at Miyagi’s joint (better?) I’ve been non-stop on the eggplant ride. – Side note: I feel this may be the wrong phrasing considering the poor misunderstood aubergine emoji. Either way, it has opened my eyes, I now like aubergine. So much so, if you follow my blog you may see my own aubergine recipe popping up in the near future…

On the whole, I really enjoyed Sheffield’s homage to Karate Kid and would 100% go back, perfect spot for a quick lunch, if you’re thinking of going, get there early doors because this place packs out FAST.

Wax on, wax off.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh yummy! Love an independent sushi bar!


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