Bombay Roast Potatoes Recipe

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and watch my insta-stories, may know that I pretty much NEVER measure out my ingredients, so hopefully you may appreciate just how hard it is for me to actually write recipes..

Okay so I make these as a side for roast dinners, something to bring to a bbq or as something to curb those takeaway cravings! THERE ARE NO RULES. These are a twist on one of my go-to orders from the Indian takeaway. Enjoy!

You will need:

A bag of muddy spuds (approx. 5-600g)

3 T-sps of Turmeric

1 large onion, chopped

2 Tbl-sps of Curry paste

I always go for the crowd pleasing ‘mild’ one but you crack on with a fiery madras if you’re brave enough

2 T-sps of Nigella seeds (black onion seeds)

2 T-sps of Garlic powder

1 T-sp of Paprika

1-2 T-sps of Chilli flakes

Or however many you reckon you can deal with

Big glug of vegetable oil

A good pinch of salt

Bunch of fresh coriander, chopped, for garnish



Preheat oven to 200 Degrees.

First things first, scrub your spuds. You could just buy some that are already scrubbed and packaged nicely, but trust me, it’s more rewarding if you get the fresh, green grocer-esque potatoes that you can gain some satisfaction from cleaning them up before cooking. AND REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC CONSUMPTION! Sorry, I’ll chill out with the eco-warrior stuff.

Chop your spuds in to bite size pieces, then chuck them in a large pan with some salt, your turmeric and boiling water.

Par boil for 10-15 mins then drain your potatoes through a cullender- watch your clothes, because turmeric CAN and WILL stain! You will notice your potatoes are a nice yellowy colour now, yay!

Now in a large bowl (or the pan you just used, to save washing up) mix together your yellow potatoes with the remaining ingredients – NOT THE CORIANDER.

Line a tray with foil or go without -punish yourself with a dirty tray to clean for not getting the muddy spuds! Splash on your big glug of oil then place your potatoes in the tray, evenly distributed and then place in the oven for 35 mins, or until crispy.

Once your golden spuds have a bit of a crispy, crunchy skin on them, take them out, shove them in a serving bowl and chuck on your coriander.


All fresh produce supplied by Sharp’s of Sheffield.

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  1. Laura says:

    I love bombay potatoes and these sound delicious!


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