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Okay, so it’s been a while folks… For those that follow me on Instagram, you are probably very aware that I recently took a trip to Tokyo (sorry for the holiday spam) and on my return, I felt a little feral and bewildered due to the long-haul flight, lack of sleep and jet lag. So, what better way to ease back into routine than to stop for brunch on a gloriously sunny day in Sheffield.

I have been wanting to check out Forge Bakehouse for a while, and had it on my list to try out breakfast there before one of my weekly Monday romps in Derbyshire… However, they don’t open on Monday’s. Lucky for me, my flight landed in the early hours of Friday morning and Forge Bakehouse is en-route to my fave fruit & veg supplier, Sharp’s of Sheffield. So, on my way to Sharp’s to grab some well needed supplies, as the fridge only had some questionable looking condiments and things that should have DEFINITELY been chucked away before I left, I popped in to Forge Bakehouse to fuel up for the day.

So, if you’ve been before you already know the drill, but for those that haven’t, when you walk in, you have the option of dining in, or going in to the bakery. Obviously, I wanted to do both. We had the option of sitting outside, downstairs, or upstairs. Being nosey, I wanted to see what upstairs looked like, so we ascended and took up a couple of seats in their bright dining area, with hanging plants and lofty ceiling.  First of all, they cater for everyone. There is a crazy amount of vegan/veggie options available, and I can vouch for 2 of them!

We opted for the garlic mushroom & kale baked eggs with homemade sourdough toast, and the vegan full English. While we were waiting for our food, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go and check out the bakery… I mean, I needed to get some bread in anyway. My logic was, if I went on my own, I couldn’t be told ‘no’ every time my eyes found a new baked item that I wanted. Whilst leaving Japan, I adamantly said “RIGHT, THAT’S IT, HEALTHY EATING STARTS NOW”, you know, the classic nonsense you tell yourself when your holiday’s over and you’re sad and fat. So I went alone, so the only shame I felt was my own.

It’s clear just how popular this place is. We got there around 11am, and obviously just missed the rush of people wanting their doughy fixes. Even with a half empty display, I was like Charlie Bucket seeing the chocolate factory for the first time. With not only an array of classic loaves on offer, they have a range of homemade pastries, focaccia’s and sweet goodies. I mean, to say I was unattended, I was pretty restrained. I only walked away with a loaf of bread, some focaccia, a fresh sandwich (which was wrapped up super cute) and a couple of cakes. But, I will 100% be going back for a bakewell slice (my Achilles heel) and a meringue or two! The only problem was trying to conceal it all and make it look like half the amount, so that when I got back upstairs, I didn’t look like the guilty carb loader I am.

Once I returned, it didn’t take long for our food to arrive, and wow, was I impressed. Bear in mind, this is the first meal I had since returning to England, so it took all my strength to try and savour it, knowing I would want to write about it, but oh my wow, it was so, so good. My eggs were cooked perfectly and in a creamy, cheesy sauce with garlicky mushrooms & bits of crispy kale – and they didn’t stinge on the toast either! I hate when you go out for brekkie and get given a measly one slice of toast… like hello? LOOK AT ME, THIS BODY WAS NOT BUILT ON SOLO SLICES. So, thank you Forge Bakehouse, for understanding that some of us don’t like to leave room for the next meal. And crackin’ toast it was.

The vegan full English was amazing, they really cater for everyone and think of everything. We loved all of it and were so full by the time we finished it. We especially loved the house made tofu ‘eggs’ & slow beans. Two of our fave things when we go out to eat are homemade ketchup and homemade ‘baked beans’ so we were properly impressed with Forge Bakehouse.

We both absolutely loved our food at Forge Bakehouse, and the service was top quality. It’s extremely reasonably priced, in fact, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was considering what we had eaten and how many baked items I had walked away with at the end. Can’t wait to stop in again and try out some more of their menu- and of course cop a slice of that Bakewell tart!

Thank you, Forge Bakehouse, for making the holiday blues a lot easier to deal with!

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  1. your egg dish looks and sounds so good! I would not be able to resist all those amazing pastries!


  2. Thanks so much for the lovely review, it’s always great to hear about people finding us and enjoying what we do for the first time. See you again soon!


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