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If you follow my blog, or have had a nosy around before reading this, you may have noticed I have a page on Sharps of Sheffield already. Well, I just don’t think that’s enough. Sure, I could edit the page, and at some point, I might. But I think they deserve a post in addition to that, and probably many more. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen that I bang on about Sharp’s quite a fair bit. And the purpose of this post, is to tell you why.

Get a load of those lemons!

If you haven’t had a look around, or haven’t seen the page, then firstly, what are you even doing, go read it here. But for the sake of all of you that think, well I’m here so tell me what I need to know, I’ll give you the 411 anyway.

Sharps of Sheffield are a local produce store selling only the freshest and best quality fruit and vegetables in the South Yorkshire area. They are a family business that have been providing the good people of Sheffield and Derbyshire with healthy and organic ingredients for over 100 years!

I have been visiting Sharps for a few months now, picking up weekly supplies of seasonal fruit and vegetables to compose recipes with, and I have been very fortunate to be able to do so with such lovely ingredients. What many of you will relate to, is that when I go shopping for food, there is often a lack of consistency with fruit and vegetables that make it difficult to plan your meals, especially if you have go-to recipes. With Sharps, I never have that worry, as I am often advised on what is in season so I know that the quality of what I am buying is the best. Before I started seeing the Sharps frequently and having regular contact, I had messaged them over social media to enquire about when Peaches were in season. In no time at all they were happy to respond and let me know, and also let me know what else was available at that time of year. What you will find with supermarkets, is that, yes you probably could get peaches all year round. But they are not as delicious as the fresh ones Sharps have available, at the time of year they are naturally grown.

More recently, as well as my weekly mission to stock up the pantry for the week, I have been collecting fruit orders for our office -yes, I actually have a job that doesn’t involve stuffing my face and dishing out opinions! Sharps not only offer a delivery service of fruit & veg to your home address (which you should 100% take advantage of because they’re not going to replace your order of apples with a spatula…We have all been there!) but they also offer deliveries to your office or business! At work, what started off as a ‘healthy eating initiative’ at the start of 2017, has transformed into a great perk that all the office staff enjoy: fresh fruit to snack on throughout the working day. And who better to stock us up on that summer body fuel than Sharps? Originally, we were ordering our fruit from a different supplier, and each week we were left with a terrible amount of fruit left in our basket, and I really hate wasting food. So, when we switched to Sharps, I had an initial worry we would still be left with some waste but we wanted to order on a like-for-like basis to gage an idea of the quality (as if I even doubted it) but also the pricing. So, we order EXACTLY the same amount – 5 boxes a week, which is 135 pieces of fruit. 3 boxes on a Monday, 2 boxes on a Wednesday. And on day one, we ran out.

I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, if you saw the amount of fruit we were loading off on people at the end of the week when we had our old supplier, you wouldn’t believe the sight of the empty basket we were now facing! We don’t just love fruit, we absolutely LOVE Sharps fruit. So much so, I had to up our order to an extra box…and who knows how long that will last!

Sharp’s stock the highest quality of produce, that is proven to just disappear in the hands of the hungry! But what I have come to love most about them, is them. The Sharps! Every time I pop in, I leave with the biggest smile on my face. The whole family is truly lovely and will go above and beyond to help you with anything you need. From the responsiveness over their social media, to their in-store helping hands. This family is made up of such genuine people. And this treatment I get is not because I shower them with praise on Instagram either, this is honest and sincere friendliness that I experience every time I go in, as I am sure many others do. There has been a couple of times where I have popped in to collect an order and once I have got back in my car, I have sat faffing about on my phone or having a quick drink before I set off and couldn’t help but people watch as this lovely family chat and joke away with their customers, and even offer to help them with their baskets around the shop. It warmed my heart to see them bend over backwards to assist an elderly chap by darting about grabbing the items of his list and bring them out to him so he didn’t have to navigate the shop with his walking stick. Please let me know when you see that happen at Tesco…

As I mentioned previously, Sharps do home, office and business deliveries as well as supplying local restaurants. But as I experienced last weekend, they are more than happy to help construct a healthy hamper if you fancy treating a loved one to something a bit different on a special occasion! With the help of the Sharps I put together a box of beautiful fruit, including the biggest mango I have ever seen, along with cherries, nuts, apricots and other fruits -AND I may have added a few not so healthy items like a variety of mini-gins, chocolates, Fever Tree tonics and sweeties – oops! But my Mum loved it! And if like her, you work tirelessly at the gym to stay on top of your fitness and don’t want to give in to temptations, then I can’t recommend a hamper like this enough!

I’m not sure if I have successfully conveyed my appreciation, but for me, there is no question of where to shop and why. Sharps of Sheffield not only have undoubtedly great stock but are also the nicest people to buy it from! So, if you’re in the area, pop in and grab yourself some succulent strawberries or summer salad ingredients. Check out my recipes tab for inspo on what to shop for if you’re stuck and if you fancy getting some healthy goodies at work then check out their website and get in touch!

Whopping chilli’s!



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