Nottingham- The Rustic Crust

Okay so after days, weeks, MONTHS, of scrolling past picture-perfect-pizzas on my Instagram feed, I FINALLY got the chance to try out The Rustic Crust for myself. These guys have been popping up on the business park where my office is located for quite some time, but I never connected the dots, I mean if you tried out the café that’s on our park… you would probably be dubious about anyone claiming to sell food nearby, so when I heard through the grapevine there was a “pizza place” I shrugged it off… And for that, I am a fool.

In my defence, “hey Claudia, have you tried that pizza place near the café?” doesn’t really give these guys the hype they deserve. Anyway, the weeks go by and I start hearing more and more about this pizza, I’m seeing people in the canteen at work with some seriously good looking slices and I’m like… oh right, okay well clearly I need to go see this for myself. So an email from marketing goes round informing everyone when the “pizza place” is next visiting the park. And then it dawned on me. At the top of the attached menu “The Rustic Crust” – I have been following them for months on Instagram and I NOW discover they’ve been within walking distance all this time, oh what a fool I am…and wow, I have been missing out on the BEST pizza this side of Italy.

So to fill you in, these guys have a custom, decked out Land Rover, with its very own built in wood fire pizza oven, Introducing: Poppy the Pizza Truck ladies and gentlemen. She is a thing of pure beauty. The team park her up and attach a well-equipped tent by her side and set to work preparing and serving up the most delicious dough in (DARE I SAY IT?) Europe, possibly even, the w o r l d (oh damn right I do). Starting at one side, your order is taken, and once you have managed to pick one of their delicious options, this team of passionate pizza makers go about the most well engineered process of hand making your selection right in front of you. Today I chose the Goats cheese pizza with honey and chilli and my boss, Chris, went with the Garlic and Mushroom which he added an extra topping of locally sourced ham to.

As we were waiting for Poppy’s inferno to transform our pizza’s we got chatting to the well-oiled machine that is the team at The Rustic Crust, and it’s clear to see, not only their passion for what they do, but the joy they get out of it, as well as their customers. We were informed about how popular certain menu choices are and that they had in fact ran out of ‘Parmesan cream’ today, what is parmesan cream? I hear you say, Well I wasn’t sure, but just as I was about to be informed, another customer in line interjected with a simple “it’s basically crack-cocaine” and now I can’t get it off my mind, it was described as a creamy, cheesy, accompaniment to the pizzas they serve, and well, that sounds like just the addiction I would be willing to queue up for as well. Side note: Drugs are bad kids; pizza is where the party is at. For more information go to to feed the habit.

Whilst we were chatting away it was hard not to notice how effortlessly streamlined this pizza process is. They have seriously cracked a very efficient method of serving high quality food at faster than fast food speed, and all by the nicest people ever? Genuinely lovely, funny and friendly people serving up my favourite food. Sorry bikini body, the stars have not aligned for you this time. I was completely impressed with all the toppings they offered, from their carefully created menu to the fact they offer VEGAN options too and giving their fans the opportunity to customise their pizzas however they like. The best thing about all this, I walked away from Poppy & the gang with a pizza box full of joy and feeling really good, like seriously happy. The team at The Rustic Crust were not only lovely people, but the style in which they serve their pizza means you can’t help but start chatting away to the people around you and have a bit of a giggle with a couple of strangers who also share a love of good, honest, proper pizza, done the right way.

Our pizzas were absolutely delicious, and as we tucked in to them we couldn’t help but make NSFW noises whilst shoving in slice after slice. In all honesty, with how light and airy the dough was, it felt like guilt-free indulgence and we were both so tempted to run back and order another one, but that would be silly, right? (I’m really hoping somebody messages me with a HELL NO so I can justify a second pizza next time). Truly, honestly, seriously, FOR REAL, this is THE BEST PIZZA, you will ever eat in England so you need to make the pilgrimage and try these guys out. Go check out their website, Facebook or if you’re on Instagram search @therusticcrust and check out their pop up’s! They also come to you so if you’re planning an event or are looking for something a bit different for your big day, drop them a message, I’m sure they would love to hear from you! In the words of the great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: NO PIZZA, NO PARTY! Also if you’re planning to hire them, drop me a message too, because THAT is a party I would definitely want to crash.

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  1. I am dying to try these pizzas!!!


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