Sheffield- Tamper

After reaching out on Instagram for suggestions on “Breakfast in Sheffield” Tamper was on everyone’s list, so this week, I went to try them out. In Sellers Wheel, Tamper is located in a renovated 19th century former silversmiths. Exposed red brick and pipes give Tamper a relaxed vibe that is made more welcoming by the amount of natural light that floods in through the big windows that stretch the length of the café on both sides.

We walked in just as they were opening their doors at 8am and were greeted by happy faces and the smell of strong coffee! After walking through their coffee bar and into their seating area, we took a seat by the window and looked over our menus. The staff here are super friendly and make you feel very at ease with their humour and attentiveness.

It didn’t take long to decide (for me anyway) without hesitation I was set on ‘The Rejuvenator’ and Chris went with the cheese and mushroom omelette. Although there were at least three other dishes I could have quite happily devoured, I felt that this was both hearty and healthy, and the right kind of fuel for today’s hike and we both ordered a latte (with an extra shot because… Monday).

When our food came I was completely blown away. The presentation is so cute, and these New Zealand inspired dishes are definitely food for the eyes. My ‘Rejuvenator’ consisted of beetroot, orange and mint hummus, sesame baked kale, broccoli, halloumi, a poached egg, colourful tomatoes, red cabbage, corn on the cob and a decent chunk of focaccia bread. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Our coffees were clearly made by skilled barista’s as the latte art we were presented with came in the form of perfect shaped hearts – and that extra shot didn’t take long to sink in.

Chris’s omelette was cooked to perfection, light and fluffy and drizzled with pesto oil. We sat and ate our brekkie whilst taking in the surroundings. They serve fresh cakes at the bar and at the front of the café have a coffee bar for takeaway options if you don’t have time to sit in and enjoy a slower start to the day.

Overall, I absolutely loved Tamper, and would 100% recommend a brekkie/brunch here if you’re in the area. I plan on visiting again to try out their lunch options but have heard a rumour they open later on Fridays and serve some grown up drinks to enjoy with your food past their regular opening times! Watch this space.

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