Nottingham- Gannets

Me and Chris have walked in the rain quite a few times, we have been on hikes where, seemingly out of nowhere, the weather has turned and we have had to continue our walk, wet and muddy. Sometimes, that can’t be helped, the weather forecast just lets us down. On days where the forecast shows to be bad from the offset, we choose an indoor activity to justify eating a great breakfast and lunch. That activity, is badminton.

We go to Newark Leisure Centre to take advantage of their facilities, and usually book a 2-hour slot on the court. Which is more than enough in my opinion.

Before we head to the courts we like to carb-up at Gannets, a café based in Newark town centre serving up home made honest food. We only ever go in for breakfast but after reading the ever-changing menu every time we stop by, I can’t help but think how good their lunches sound too!

The staff at Gannets are just lovely. Smiley and friendly, they always add an extra charm to the place, and judging from the number of regulars, we aren’t the only ones that think this! I can’t speak for everyone, but when I go out to eat, it isn’t just the food that makes the experience, it’s as much about the atmosphere and the level of service you are given, and at Gannets, it’s always exceptional. We always pretend to stare at the menu for ages before ordering what we know we came for. For me, it has got to be the creamed mushrooms on toast, and for Chris it’s the Eggs Royale!

The creamed mushrooms are so good, every time I order them my expectations are surpassed because it always seems to be better than my memory makes out. Chris’s Eggs Royale look great and he always tells me how good the hollandaise sauce is. I love the orange juice, freshly squeezed and with all the bits, so if you aren’t a pulp lover, bear that in mind.

Even though we visit for breakfast, it’s often difficult, and a true test of strength, to resist the homemade cakes on offer at the till. Okay so we may have slipped up a couple of times and taken home a bakewell slice, or shortbread…or brownie. Okay fine, we have tried the majority of cakes they make! Their carrot cake is phenomenal, and I would 100% recommend if you pop in, you try it.

If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit to this cute café, with its fresh flowers and bright interior it is a lovely place to enjoy a hot cuppa and delicious food- and you don’t necessarily have to play badminton to enjoy one of those yummy cakes!

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