Nottingham- Sushimania

So, I went to go see what all the fuss was about at Nottingham’s newest sushi joint, me and my friend Danielle love a bit ‘a sush so we went with big appetites. I have to say, I usually am NOT a fan of all-you-can-eat restaurants, personally the quality has never been there for me but I went in to Sushimania open-minded knowing that they also offer a regular menu.

Located on Chapel Bar in the building that used to accommodate ASK Italian, Sushimania sits in a long row of what I believe to be some good restaurants.

Value for money wise this place is great, for £16.70 you can eat as much as you want and it is all to order. You fill in your order card and tick off the dishes you want, hand it to your waitress and then the chefs prepare your food. So far, so good.

The veggie uramaki and salmon and avocado uramaki were amazing! In-fact we thought that all of the maki and raw dishes we ordered were great, so much so I think we ordered a repeat. I particularly enjoyed my hand roll and the way it was presented, they arrived like little ice cream cones which if I’m being honest is probably why we ordered them in the first place after seeing another table have theirs.

However- and this is a big one for me- the cooked food was pretty poor tasting. The tempura was greasy and soggy and I couldn’t distinguish a taste difference between the sweet potato tempura and the prawn, it all just tasted like fried batter. The skewers were bland and although the flavour of sauces was described as different on the menu, there was no noticeable difference between them. We could be alone with these opinions though as it seemed the table next to us ordered not one, not two, but three portions of the prawn tempura – and there was only two of them. No judgement here, I am impressed. They clearly enjoyed them more than we did.

The tofu steak was silken tofu, and not the firm steak I expected when ordering it, and personally, not my preference. It was a little gelatinous and hadn’t been seasoned other than the batter and garnish so I felt a bit disappointed as I had been looking forward to trying it. I did absolute love the spicy tuna maki, I did notice that the ‘spicy’ part is a sauce they drizzle over what I assume is just the tuna maki. So, a little different to YO! Sushi, who use a different tuna, that is obviously spiced. My absolute favourites were the vegetable Californian roll and edamame beans, I could have just eaten them all night, and had I not have already been bursting at the seems at this point, I might have.

The staff at Sushimania were very nice and polite albeit extremely busy- even on a Tuesday early evening the place was jam-packed! They were clearly rushed off their feet but still remained helpful. Overall, I probably wouldn’t return to Sushimania as I feel there are more competitive sushi restaurants in the city centre offering a higher quality of food. That being said I am glad I checked it out and would recommend you do too if sushi is your thang!

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  1. I 100% agree with you! We went and loved the sushi and sashimi dishes but were disappointed with the hot dishes. We would go back again and just order the sushi and sashimi.


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