Nottingham – The Fox Cafe

I feel an odd sense of patriotism when I walk around Nottingham. I can never figure out if it’s the familiarity of living there for 20-something years or if it’s because it’s a nice City to have a wander about but I get a weird feeling of pride whenever I come back to the town centre. Now when I visit Nottingham, it’s usually with my boyfriend Theo – who is from Sheffield, and I like how much he likes it there. Whenever we pop down for the day, no matter how many times we have done it, there is always something new to show him that I forgot the time before. Usually in the form of an independent clothing store or vintage shop. But more than likely, a restaurant or café.

Because we only come down for a day at a time there’s limited meal opportunities to be had, and despite how much we loved the last one we went to, I always try and make sure we go somewhere different to the time before. Today, that was The Fox Café.

After wandering around the market square and taking in some of the crazy cool stalls they had on offer, we managed to pull ourselves away and head for something to eat, stopping at The Fox. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have walked past this place, and you probably have to if you’re a local to Notts, located on Pelham street just next door to Tilt (One of my fave happy hour spots) this café gets its fair share of footfall.

We walked in at around 11.30am on a Saturday and were lucky to grab one of the last few available tables. I have popped in before a few times and have not been fortunate enough to get a seat before the rush, but today- HA TAKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE, I BESTED YOU. We took a stool seat and sat down whilst taking in the signage and artwork they have on display and admiring the décor before looking over the menu. Not only do they have what seems like an infinite amount of choices when it comes to sandwich fillings- what won’t we eat between bread though, am I right? But they also have a board above their cakes counter displaying special items, breakfast and brunch options and “sharing” boards (I put it in quotation marks because I only see that word as a challenge) and they have absolutely LOADS of veggie/vegan options.

We ordered a couple sammies. I went for the brie, guacamole and spinach on sourdough with a matcha latte whilst Theo ordered the Tuna melt panini with pesto and cheese and an orange juice. Our food came super quick and the portions were a lot bigger than we expected – bonus. We did our classic ‘eat half and swap’ so as to maximise our lunch potential, and usually I can’t ever pick an obvious winner because we both have very similar tastes. However, in my opinion, today, I won. My only regret – giving Theo the other half of my sandwich.

When we went to pay for our meal we walked straight to the till so we could have a look at some of the cakes on display and some more of the artwork that they have on the walls and were greeted by smiling faces. What I love about this place is how genuine the staff are, asking if we had been before, what we had and if we liked it, and what their favourites are and what they would recommend we try next time. Perfect spot to visit with friends or if you just want to grab a quick bite to eat while you’re doing a bit of shopping!

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