Derbyshire – The Cavendish

It was time Chris and I ventured further a field for breakfast and try something other than our usual spot (The Devonshire Arms).This week, before heading to the peaks, after spending an entire year driving through it, we decided to try out one of Baslow’s finest restaurants, The Cavendish.

Bear in mind that as we are going out on one of our weekly hikes, we are in very outdoorsy/casual clothing. I am sporting some pretty bright trainers – covered in mud. And although we haven’t yet begun our walk I am rocking that freshly slept on hair, so you can imagine how out of place we felt turning up to The Cavendish, which is more than just a little bit posh. Me and Chris go out to eat A LOT, and 9 times out of 10 we will be on our way to, or back from one of our hikes. It would be very easy for some establishments to turn their noses up at us based on the fact we look like a couple of hungry swamp monsters. And it has happened before – surprisingly not where you would expect either. But that’s a blog post for another day. However, this was not the case at The Cavendish. An eyelid twas not even batted.

So, we arrive pretty early and are greeted by a lovely man in a tweed jacket who shows us to a seat by the window offering to take our coats, before popping off to get us some coffee, juice and toast for the table. At this point me and Chris are exchanging the international facial expression for “ooh ‘eck this is proper fancy” and we begin to look over the breakfast menu.

Chris ordered the ham and mushroom omelette and I chose the smoked haddock with poached eggs and chive oil. As we are sat by the window we can’t help but take in our surroundings – beautiful even on a drizzly day. The restaurant is very traditional and well decorated with lots of light coming in from large windows. Our coffee was dark and rich and the perfect blend to compliment the freshly squeezed juice. When our food arrived I was quite disappointed with its presentation as I thought it was rather basic, but on further reflection, I feel its simplicity matched the casual elegance of the Cavendish, and the eggs and haddock were cooked so perfectly, its clear that the taste makes up for what it lacks in appearance.

I am very excited to go back to The Cavendish and try out some of the other Breakfast options available, as it was a really relaxed and comfortable experience despite my earlier worry. The staff were all very lovely – especially the girl on reception who heard me say that their uniforms reminded me of a 90’s girl band (IN A GOOD WAY!) as they all wore varying items in tweed. I would highly recommend if you are in the area you have a look at their menu’s- their lunch menu in particular looks really, really good. And all their food is sourced locally. Win-win.


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