Sheffield – Pom Kitchen

Pom Kitchen! Sheffield’s arguably most instagrammable café. I have wanted to dine here for a long time but have had a few unsuccessful attempts because… this place is popular! And I can see why. I have been following these guys on Instagram for the best part of a year and I have scrolled through vibrant and colourful dishes that look way too pretty to eat time after time. FINALLY, I go and see if they can really live up to their social media hype. I think that the queue out of the door says that they can…and do.

If you intend to go on a weekend, well, get there early, because if you leave it too late in the day you will be a victim of ‘one in, one out’ and be stood waiting. However, I assure you, it’s worth it. Initially, I was worried that Pom may be one of those cafe’s that are more style over substance, with its hanging plants, neon signage and flowery dishes, making it the perfect Instagram photo. I was very wrong. I love the aesthetic. Pom’s bright and fresh décor with contrasting pink neon and green plants is perfect for the casual and trendy vibe they have going on. And yes, while it makes for a great photo, Pom also make fantastic food.

We sat down straight away by the bar- a stones throw away from some delicious looking homemade cakes and treats- and started eyeing over the menu. It is very difficult to decide what to eat here, as just as you think, oh perfect I’ll have that, you see something below it and instantly flip flop into a state of uncertainty. And that’s when we notice the special’s board. Damn. So, me and Theo always go for the ‘sharesies’ approach, where we both order a dish and swap half with each other, it makes choosing food so much easier when your options have doubled. Only this time, we decide we can share three dishes. Is this real love?

After what feels like a life time of panic decisions we finally order. I order a beetroot latte and Theo went for a passionfruit lemonade. We opt for today’s special “Jafflette” – A toasted sandwich of cheddar, potato and sauerkraut, along with a “Rainbow board” and the hot dish of the day, a vegan dahl with sweet potato and toasted coconut.

Our drinks come out first, and mine is just way too cute to drink, my favourite colour and covered in petals- queue camera. We aren’t waiting long before our food arrives and one by one as the dishes are placed in front of us we refrain from moving them into the perfect photo until our waitress has gone. But they are beautiful. Our rainbow board was a combination of veggies, fruit, cheeses and dips presented in such an attractive arrangement. And everything on it was divine, the creamy goats cheese and sharp cheddar, the lovely dressing on the kale salad and the courgette ribbons were all heaven!

The dahl was served with a warm focaccia bread that was so light and moist, perfect for dunking into that warm and perfectly spiced bowl of lentils- I’m not sure how much I managed to eat as I left with most of it round my mouth. The Jafflette was possibly one of the best toasties I’ve had, crispy sourdough sandwiching smooth textures with tons of taste! I shamelessly dunked my crusts into the dahl before finishing my meal on the crunchy fruit and veg on the rainbow board.

I am very much looking forward to returning to Pom, the food is sensational, and they change their special’s often so I guess that means I HAVE to check them out again soon…so I don’t miss out. Although our table wasn’t wiped and the service was a little slow, this can be forgiven as it is extremely busy due to its popularity. The woman that took our payment at the end of our meal was perfectly polite and a credit to the place.  Very refreshing to see a Vegetarian/Vegan business doing so well! Located in the popular Sharrow area of Sheffield just off EccIesall Road, it’s in the perfect spot and surrounded by lots of other great establishments. I can’t wait to see what they have on offer next!

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