Sheffield – Make No Bones

After months, and MONTHS of hearing about how good this place is, I finally go check it out. I first heard about MNB a couple of years ago on Facebook, when I liked their page and just drooled over their posts from time to time when I’ve unashamedly just scrolled my way through my dull newsfeed, looking at MNB’s colourful and delicious looking food brightening up my screen! But more recently, possibly from last year until now, I have been hearing more and more about just how tasty this place is. And I’ll be frank, the rumours were true. This place is a FIND.


Now there is no parking outside, but there is a LIDL across the street and I’m sure many other carparks you could dump the motor in while you stuff your face- but this should not put you off! I’d walk miles for those avocado wings… MILES! It’s a very cosy atmosphere with bright décor and lots of natural light! We took a seat at the back near the till, and as you can see, were still able to get some pretty good snaps! So, go and grab a window seat and get instagramming that sweet, sweet vegan goodness they got going on!

We picked up a menu, and what it lacks in size it makes up for in absolute quality. We were still stuck for choice so opted to get two mains and two sides and do sharesies because 1. Food envy is not good even for the strongest of relationships and 2. We’re just greedy. I chose the seitan ‘chicken’ gyros with mint yoghurt and salad in a warm flatbread with a side of the avocado wings, and my partner opted for the “surf and turf” with seitan ‘ribs’ and tofu ‘scampi’ with a side of the poutine- fries covered in mushroom gravy, seitan bacon and almond cheese curds.


I am actually a little stuck here, because there is no way of bringing that taste to words, and nothing I could say to bring this food to justice – obviously I’m going to try anyway. That gyros could arguably be one of the best things I’ve eaten. The spices and flavours in every bite were incredible, from the seitan to the mint yoghurt to all the fresh ingredients wrapped up into one punch-packing bite! I didn’t want to hand my boyfriend the other half… Should I keep eating it? It’s delicious, I can’t share it… Maybe he won’t notice, but he will at some point, and then its too late, will this mean I can’t try some of his? No! What monster would do that! Oh wait? I totally would do that. So many conflicting thoughts that I couldn’t let spoil this magnificent moment. But alas, it had to come to an end… this time!

I moved on to sampling bite by bite of all the other dishes (I think it was safer this way) and at this point I have just lost all control, pure animalistic instincts have taken over and I am just in the moment, taking a bite and loudly exclaiming my new-found love for it whilst my mouth is still full. The poutine was just incredible, I’m eyeing my partners fork every time he picks it up hoping we aren’t going to cross swords as I reach for another fix of gravy covered potato, laden with seitan bacon heaven!


The avocado ‘wings’ were melt-in-your-mouth divine! The dipping sauce duo that accompanied them were a combination of sweet, sticky and tangy and a cool and creamy counterpart that brought those avo-wings to life.


For you to truly understand how good the ‘Surf and Turf’ is, you honestly have to go check it out for yourself because no amount of flattery and exclamation marks can put the taste in your mouth! The texture and flavour of the seitan ‘ribs’ is like no vegan substitute I have had before it, and believe me, I have eaten a lot! The tofu ‘scampi’ were full of fishy flavour and for all the omnivores out there – you would be entirely shocked at how close this is to the real deal!


These guys mean serious business with this food, and I for one, am delighted with it. Super friendly staff serving up that cruelty free cuisine, great place for a group of friends or a couple that want a nice, honest cooked meal for a decent price. I can’t wait to go check out the rest of the menu. I hope you do too! Make sure you go quick because these guys change things up pretty regularly to keep things fresh – Looks like I’ll be a regular!

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